От Ильича до Ильича
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Independent Saudi newspaper Al Hayat reported on Thursday that members of the Salafist al-Hariri bloc instigated clashes with Shiite Alawites in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli after a funeral for a Sunni protester who was killed in the riots. According to eyewitnesses, the members of the two sides threw grenades and exchanged gunfire for almost two hours as an Alawite shop was torched.
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Commented by 愚公 at 2007/01/31 22:32
정말인지 궁금하군요.
Commented by at 2007/02/01 01:17
둘다 매트릭스의 네오?
Commented by sonnet at 2007/02/04 15:56
all/ 글쎄요.. 사건 자체는 사실로 확인되었습니다. 희생자는 첫 보도보다 더 늘어난 듯 싶구요.

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