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WMD: Weapon of Mass Deception

Bushevik: Busheviks were members of the Bushevik faction of Grand Old Party.
Busheviks has been an extreme idealists combined with "Military First" policy and were opponents of the traditional republican and realist policies. The other faction of the GOP was known as the Scowcreviks, led by Brent Scowcroft.
Busheviks led by George W. Bush seized power in US in 2000 in an event known as the Punchcard Revolution. Shortly after seizing power, the party changed its policy dramatically.
In name of democratic centralism, they ruthlessly promote to export democratic centrallism revolution to the third world.
Democratic centralism is the name given to the principles of Bushevik organization used by Bushiites.
The democratic aspect of this organizational method describes the freedom of members of the United Nations to discuss and debate matters of policy and direction, but once the decision of the UNSC is made by Bushevik(or generallissimo), all members are expected to uphold that decision.

See also: Bushiites, Bushism or Bushiido

by sonnet | 2006/08/22 16:14 | 만담 | 덧글(7)
Commented by 안모군 at 2006/08/22 16:29
대략 Republic을 위협하는 신흥 세력과 그들의 무기군요. 어떻게든 조치를 취해야...
Commented by 腦香怪年 at 2006/08/22 16:30
푸하핳하합 멋집니다. 과연 대제 폐하의 센스는 극강!!
그럼 저 부세비키들의 분열은 언제쯤이나 있을 까요? 도 한 그 즈음에 있을 대 숙청의 날은 언제려나요?
Commented by 하얀까마귀 at 2006/08/22 17:07
Bushido 도 멋지군요.
Commented by 腦香怪年 at 2006/08/22 17:27
어디서 본 포즈인가 했더니 반은 과거 소련제고 나머지 반은 조반유리나 비림비공 당시의 그 포즈들이군요
M16을 들고 해방군복을 입은 모습의 럼즈펠드에다 뒤에 서 총을 잡고 있는 체니의 압박이라니 .. 금방이라도 오발할 태세군요. 뭐 노린 것 같군요
Commented by gforce at 2006/08/22 19:20
아아, kirktoons, 멋지죠. 참 대박스런 게 많이 나와서 좋아합니다.
Commented by 길잃은 어린양 at 2006/08/23 11:11
크하하. 정말 걸작이군요!
Commented by sonnet at 2006/08/23 14:56
안모군/ 중앙에선 내무인민위원 안모동지를 내보내 막기로 결의해쏘.

腦香怪年/ 쌀공주와 네오콩들의 내분의 추이를 지켜봐야 하지 않을까 합니다.

하얀까마귀/ 확실히 cult.

腦香怪年/ 확실히 어디선가 많이 본 듯한...

gforce/ 그렇습니다. press에서 R을 뒤집어주는 센스.

길잃은 어린양/ 한글로 쓰자니 좀 뻘쭘해서 안되는 길리어를 써봤습니다.
그러나 선생님의 '신편역사극' 미리견사에 비하면 저런 것은 ;->

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